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DIBHA - Chatpata Raisins 100g

DIBHA - Chatpata Raisins 100g

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The Dibha Honest Snacking Chatpata Raisins are a healthy munching item for your mid-day or late night craving. These Dibha Honest Snacking Chatpata Raisins are healthy and delicious as they are curated with organic raisins freshly farmed to keep the nutritions intact along with the flavouring powder to give it a chatpata hint. You can use these raisins instead of your chips or kurkure to get a chatpata flavour in healthy bites. Having 0 fat these raisins are great snacking option in your weightloss journey as well. The raisins are a rich source of iron, so a healthy amount of raisins everyday prevents iron deficiency and being rich in fiber, they also helps you with better digestion keeping overall body functions happy and healthy.

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