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DIBHA RUCHOKS - Dark Chocolate Bar 65g

DIBHA RUCHOKS - Dark Chocolate Bar 65g

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Ruchoks is a premium brand that specializes in crafting dark chocolate bars with exceptional quality and taste. Our newly launched 70% dark vegan chocolate is a bitter sweet pureness of cacao for all the chocolate lovers! The dark chocolate bars from Ruchoks have a deep, rich flavor that is both intense and complex. The packaging is simple yet sophisticated, making it an excellent choice for gift-giving or indulging in a moment of self-care. Ruchoks dark chocolate bars come in a variety of cacao percentages, ranging from 70% to 90%. Each bar is crafted with care, using traditional chocolate-making techniques to ensure that the flavor is consistent and delicious. Overall, Ruchoks dark chocolate bars are an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates the rich, complex flavors of high-quality dark chocolate.

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