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SandPuppy - Kneestrap

SandPuppy - Kneestrap

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Introducing the SandPuppy Kneestrap, an ideal electric knee pain relief product. Just strap it on your knee, plug in the adaptor, and let the soothing comfort of heat relax your pain. SandPuppy Kneestrap is made with an advanced carbon fibre heating material. It is wrapped in soft scuba fabric to fit snugly on the knee joints. It emits Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) heat that not only warms the top layer of the body but can also penetrate up to 5 cm deep into the body, making it far superior to other heating solutions. It wraps like skin around your knee unlike most heating pads and provides deep and penetrative heat. Suitable for all sizes of knee joints, the SandPuppy Kneestrap is designed with a DC adaptor to make it safer to use than conventional and cheaper heating pads. It is a lightweight, safe, and easy to use heating pad that provides quick relief.

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