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Born Good Plant-based Concentrated Floor Cleaner Kit (Makes 1 L)

Born Good Plant-based Concentrated Floor Cleaner Kit (Makes 1 L)

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What is the difference between a concentrated floor cleaner and a regular floor cleaner? Unlike regular floor cleaners, the Born Good concentrated floor cleaner is not meant to be used directly. It has to first be diluted by adding water to the concentrate. Once diluted, this floor cleaner works like any other floor cleaner. Why use Born Good's Concentrated Disinfectant Floor Cleaner? There are many reasons why to choose Born Good's concentrated floor cleaner. It is more economical than a regular floor cleaner per wash. As there is less transport of water, its carbon footprint is lower. It also saves space at home and reduces the frequency of shopping. It also saves over 80% water. We know that a good floor cleaner can do a lot more than just wipe the ground clean. It works best when it adds value to your modern home by disinfecting your floors, adding a non-toxic lingering fragrance, and keeping it safe for kids, pets and you. And, that s what we ve formulated Born Good Floor Cleaner to do. This plant-based floor cleaning liquid concentrate leaves behind no sticky residue, like traditional floor cleaners, while it effectively removes stains, kills bacteria, deactivates germs, and keeps your floors squeaky clean. USDA Certified This is a USDA Certified BioBased Product 78%. It contains 78% BioBased content which is significantly higher than that of traditional floor cleaners. Pet & Baby Friendly Floor Cleaner Our two and four legged babies have sensitive skin. Toxic and volatile chemicals found in Phenol and traditional floor cleaners are not safe options for them. When the residue of these cleaners come in contact with sensitive skin, they can cause allergies and even infections. Born Good's baby friendly concentrated floor cleaner is made free from toxic chemicals, using powerful natural ingredients. It is eco-friendly and safe for kids and pets. Here's one less thing for you to worry about. Orchard Fresh Fragrance The uplifting scent of an apple orchard at dawn. Sweet, floral, woody and apple green - a fragrance that lingers with a subtle freshness. Bad for bacteria. Good for all surfaces Our formulation contains strong plant-based ingredients that kill 99.99% of harmful and odour-causing bacteria without causing harm to most surfaces, including marble, granite, wood, ceramic and vitrified tiles, amongst others. It works very well as a bathroom floor cleaner as there is normally a good build up of bacterial in humid rooms.

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