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Diabliss - Ginger Tea Sachet Pack

Diabliss - Ginger Tea Sachet Pack

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Diabliss launches a tea for diabetes that has an organic, zestful flavor and doesn’t elevate blood glucose levels. Presenting Diabliss Ginger Tea – a perfect blend of ginger flavor, aromatic tea goodness, and Diabliss Herbal Sugar. It is fit for consumption for prediabetics, diabetics, and wellness conscious individuals.

Sugar consumption has reached a level that it is leading to the rise in lifestyle diseases like diabetes, prediabetes, coronary heart disease and more. Sugar is present in many items that we eat – desserts, baked goods, smoothies, ketchup, etc. Indulging in many of these food items has increased the glycemic load of meals thereby causing a distress in blood glucose levels.

Tea consumption may be an unknown way in which Indians consume excess sugar. Indians love to have their tea in a milky, sweet form. The beverage is also consumed throughout the day and accompanied with savoury snacks. Hence the continuous consumption of sugary tea will have its consequences on the body.

The impact of excess sugar consumption – especially from tea – is felt the most by diabetics and prediabetics. These individuals are advised by doctors to have low glycemic index food and avoid high sugar food and beverages. Elevations in blood glucose levels can increase the risk of diabetic complications in them. Thus they have to be cautious and conservative with their food and drinks.

Diabetics and prediabetics either reduce their overall tea consumption or switch refined sugar with artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners don’t have the same sweetness as natural sugar – in fact they have a bitter chemical taste which is unpalatable. Thus the pleasure of drinking tea becomes a pain for many.

There is a need for a tea for diabetes that tastes amazing, has the appropriate sweetness and doesn’t impact blood glucose levels in a harmful manner. All these properties can be found in Diabliss Ginger Tea – a beverage scientifically proven for consumption by prediabetics and diabetics and known for its superior taste.

Diabliss Ginger Tea is made from natural ingredients such as tea leaves produced in the fertile plains of Ooty, a place renowned globally as a tea production hub. Ginger used in the tea’s creation is also natural, zestful and organic. Add to that, all these ingredients are combined with Diabliss Herbal Sugar, a diabetic friendly herbal cane sugar which is the world’s 1st low glycemic sweetener.

Diabliss Ginger Tea is a convenient beverage that can be enjoyed on the go. The premix blend can be added to hot milk or water to instantly produce an aromatic beverage. This ease of use and a special blend of ingredients makes Diabliss Ginger Tea a tea for diabetes unlike any in the market. Prediabetics and diabetics can reduce their consumption of sugar-heavy beverages thanks to this product.

People have the option of two more teas along with Diabliss Ginger Tea. The company has also launched Diabliss Herbal Lemon Tea, a premixed tea with a reinvigorating lemony taste and Diabliss Masala Chai, a premixed tea made from Indian tea spices. This greatly improves the choice when it comes to tea for diabetes.

Diabliss Ginger Tea can be bought on the company’s website or on the Amazon e-commerce store. It is available in a 100g pack or as a combo pack with all three Diabliss tea variants namely Diabliss Ginger Tea, Diabliss Herbal Lemon Tea and Diabliss Masala Chai. Diabetics and prediabetics should switch to these teas in order to keep their blood sugar levels in check. They can also consume them on holidays when it might be difficult to find a diabetic friendly beverage or at work where the tea is mostly high in sugar.

Diabliss Ginger Tea is a tea for diabetes that brings together a sweet flavour, rich aroma, an invigorating freshness and less harmful consequences from elevated blood glucose levels. It is in line with the company’s vision of helping diabetics and prediabetics live a meaningful life full of sweetness and indulgence.

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