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Mountain Bee Kombucha - Vanilla Brown (Pack of 6)

Mountain Bee Kombucha - Vanilla Brown (Pack of 6)

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Kombucha flavoured with real vanilla bean paste. Smooth, rich with a hint of tartness.

Get your hands on Vanilla Brown made with the real Vanilla bean paste hiding in a whole bean waiting to be split in half and enjoyed. Kombucha is an excellent medium to extract flavours of the whole bean vanilla pods. Enjoy a dessert companion in our vanilla-infused with sweet and sour kombucha.
Did you know Vanilla cultivation is one of the most labour-intensive crop to grow along with saffron and cocoa? Considered as one of the most expensive spices, we stumbled upon home-grown Indian Vanilla and fell in love with it.
As much as we loved the Vanilla Brown Kombucha that reminded us of wines in general, we wanted to tell you the story of vanilla as a crop and the efforts Indian farmers put to make a living out of it.

Special Instructions

Storage and serving - Keep refrigerated, serve chilled or at ambient temperature. Consume within 7 days of opening the bottle.

Can be consumed anytime of the day, before, during or after a meal.

All our kombucha flavours are unpasteurised and unfiltered. May grow visible scoby-culture strands as a result of continuous fermentation. Safe to consume.

Serving suggestion: For new kombucha drinker we suggest you to begin with a smaller doze of 100ml-120 ml and observe how the body responds to raw fermented foods like Kombucha. Increase the amount when you feel comfortable.

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