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Sandpuppy - Fitbelt

Sandpuppy - Fitbelt

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The SandPuppy Fitbelt is a wireless back pain relief device. Through variable heat, it soothes aching muscles and opens up your day to more possibilities. If back spasms made it impossible to get anything done, the SandPuppy Fitbelt, with its safe and wireless heating, will allow you to make the most of your day. Since the Fitbelt is wireless you can wear it on the go. #FitbeltItOn and forget about it. Ideal for people who want fatigue relief while having the freedom to move. The SandPuppy Fitbelt provides 3 levels of heat, using a single switch. The maximum temperature on full charge goes up to 68 degree Celsius. Its sleek and lightweight design means you can fold it and carry it around. Adjustable to different levels for your body, it can be wrapped around the lower back, upper back, and shoulder. The Fitbelt is not designed for lumbar support.

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