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THE BOYO - Himalayan Pink Salted Almond

THE BOYO - Himalayan Pink Salted Almond

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The crunchy, chewy, nutty, and sometimes sweet, Almonds when roasted with optimum temperature & tossed with Himalayan Pink Salt , just create wonderful snacks to have as a daily dose. Himalayan Pink Salt is made from the rock crystals of salt that have been formed from the deposits of an ancient.

Healthy Nut: Roasted without even a drop of oil! Yes amazing these are. Super crunchy and scrumptious healthy snack to be enjoyed at any time of the day, these are vegan friendly, keto friendly and gluten free, loaded with high protein and dietary fibers. The all natural and real nuts, are much required for an active lifestyle.

Awesome Taste: When a unique roasting method is used and the rich almonds are tossed in the nutritious Himalayan pink salt, the highly delectable taste is produced, making them a go to snack if all time.

Nutritional: The crunchy nuts, helps in soothing your bowel movements and even helps the digestive system. Being a great source of protein they are loaded with vital nutrients like manganese, magnesium and vitamin E along with several antioxidants, that work as a natural immunity booster.

How To Enjoy: Soak these overnight, and eat in the morning, as is being done since tradition. Add these to your smoothies and yogurts, and those delicious desserts, to see the magic!

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