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All That Dips

All That Dips - Harissa Sauce

All That Dips - Harissa Sauce

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A fiery, vibrant red, North African pepper hot sauce that is completely addictive and revs up anything you add to it. Harissa has been used traditionally as an ingredient in meat or fish stew along with vegetables.

Bechef has developed the traditional Harissa sauce with the choicest ingredients. Harissa has layer upon layer of flavours. The heat builds up and settles in your throat with a pleasant but not over bearing spice.

Bechef’s Harissa is a versatile item which can be used in any form, from marination to a spread. Harissa marinated Chicken is a lip smacking dish to enjoy which requires minimum preparation. Try Bechef’s Harissa and fall in love with it’s exotic flavours.

Easy Recipe

Veg Tajine
Ingredients Needed :
Potato Wedges : 300 g, Carrot Wedges : 300 g, Boiled Chickpeas : 100 g, Onion - 200 g diced, Ghee 2 tbsp, Tomato Paste : 3 tbsp, Bechef Harissa Sauce : 3 tbsp, Water half cup
Heat Ghee in a heavy bottom pan, Saute onions for 2 - 3 minutes, Add Tomato paste and Bechef Harissa Sauce to the pan and mix well. Add Potatoes, Carrots and Boiled chickpeas to the pot and add water. Season with salt and pepper. Cover the lid and cook for 15-20 minutes. Serve Hot with Rice.
Suggested Uses
Dip:  Use as a spicy chutney for Bhajjis, samosas or Dahi kebabs
Spread: On pita bread with doner kebab, sandwiches or pizza
As curry paste: in soup or in Tajine
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