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All That Dips

All That Dips - Mexican Hot Sauce

All That Dips - Mexican Hot Sauce

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Bechef has created a mouth watering version of Mexican Hot sauce. This sauce is for those who crave spice in their lives! Drizzle it over your favourite dishes or cook with this sauce, every bite will be a celebration of flavours in your mouth. Hot sauce may be a Mexican speciality, but today it is used and manufactured worldwide in various ways.

Use Bechef’s Mexican Hot sauce to enjoy a lip smacking taste with your favourite snacks.

Easy Recipe

Veg Quesadilla

Ingredients : Bechef Mexican Hot sauce 3-4 tbsp, Large Flour Tortillas - 3-4 Nos, Chopped Vegetables 1 Cup ( Onions, Tomatoes, Red & Yellow Bell Peppers, mushrooms ) , Grated Cheese 1 Cup, Butter 50 g
Recipe: On a Flat Pan( tava) heat a flour tortilla, Grease with butter, Spread Bechef Mexican Hot Sauce geneoursly, on half the tortilla sprinkle veggies and on other half sprinkle cheese geneoursly. Fold the tortilla, Grease the pan and heat till cheese melts.

About Mexican Hot Sauce

Mexican hot sauces have been famous worldwide since centuries. They typically focus more on flavour than on intense heat. Mexican hot sauce- a sauce so versatile that it can be used to create the simplest of dishes to restaurant style cuisines.

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