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Born Good Plant-based Air Freshener (Himalayan Winter) Concentrate Kit (Makes 1 L)

Born Good Plant-based Air Freshener (Himalayan Winter) Concentrate Kit (Makes 1 L)

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Concentrated Formulation Unlike traditional air fresheners that are made up of 80% water, our concentrated air freshener is made using only 40% water. This product saves over 40% water as compared to traditional air fresheners. As there is less transport of water, the carbon footprint is lower. It also saves space at home and reduces the frequency of shopping. The biodegradable plant-based ingredients that are derived from essential oils and sugarcane and do not harm our water bodies. Pleasing and uplifting fragrance Both of our air freshener variants have a pleasant and uplifting fragrance. They have a calming effect that will elevate your mood. These fragrances have a long lasting effect and help cleanse the air. Our Indian Summer fragrance is made with notes of Spicy Cardamom And Floral Ylang Ylang, whereas our Himalayan Winter is made of Woody Musk, Bergamot and Citrus. Where to use Shake well and generously spray in all rooms, kitchen, washrooms, on linen, on curtains, on sofas, in the car, in living spaces and in offices. Zero Toxins This product contains no Aerosols, no Surfactants, no CFCs and no Propellants. It is made using all natural & hypoallergenic ingredients that are baby safe, pet safe and safe for sensitive skin. Be worry free when your kids and pets run or lounge at home. How to use Do not use this product directly. Add 50 ml air fresheners concentrate to 450ml drinking water and voila, you now have 500 ml air freshener.

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