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Born Good Plant-based Anti Microbial Laundry Detergent - 5 L Can

Born Good Plant-based Anti Microbial Laundry Detergent - 5 L Can

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Why use Born Good's Anti Microbial Detergent? We know that an active life is a better life. The powerful, plant-based antimicrobial ingredients infused in this scientific formulation keeps your active wear clean and free of malodour for up to 14 days. It removes odour causing organisms found in sweat while deep-cleaning garments and home linen, effectively. And, it smells great! Use them for your everyday clothes, linen and towels. They are suitable for front load and top load machines and also for hand wash. Removes Odour From Smelly Workout Clothes Our formulation contains strong plant-based (Neem and Tulsi) extracts that remove odour causing organisms found in sweat without stripping the strength of your active-wear. It further prevents the unpleasant odours from building up. 2 week Protection The powerful bio-based antimicrobial agents in this scientific formulation work long after wash day. It has been tested and proven to repel harmful and odour-causing organisms for up to 2 weeks after use. Contemporary Fragrance We captured the scents that waft through the crisp, mountain air in a fragrance that strikes the perfect balance between refreshing and long-lasting. It does not over-power but rather lingers mildly until the next wash. Cleaning Efficacy Our products are tested at Bureau Veritas and are proven to clean at par or better than traditional detergents. Better Than Traditional Laundry Detergents ?Unlike traditional laundry detergents, this detergent does not contain any bleach or toxic chemicals. It is also safe for types of clothes and especially designed for activewear. It's safe for use on front and top loading washing machines

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