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Born Good Plant-based Dishwash Gel - 5 L Can

Born Good Plant-based Dishwash Gel - 5 L Can

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Why use Born Good's Dishwash Gel? A highly concentrated formulation of powerful plant-based ingredients make this dish-washing gel as tough on grease as it is gentle and safe on your hands. That means, squeaky clean dishes without the side effects of itchy hands, flaky skin or chemical irritation. Born Good Dish wash Gel deep cleans and degreases kitchenware and utensils effectively, while saving water due to its concentrated formula and leaving no malodours or sticky residues behind. USDA Certified Our dish wash gel is a USDA Certified BioBased Product 73%. It contains 73% organic carbon making it more biodegradable than traditional dish-washing gels. Fragrance Notes The rolling hills of the Spanish countryside are as fragrant as they are beautiful. It s that scent of an invigorating bouquet of zesty citrus that we ve bottled to keep your dishes free from all malodours. Gentle on Skin. Tough on Grease As delicious as our Indian cuisine is, scrubbing away those heavy oils and curry pastes are tiresome, to say the least. That s why we ve concentrated this innovative formula with powerful natural ingredients that not only works tougher on greases, but remains gentle on your hands while doing it. Born Good Dish-washing Gel is free from toxic chemicals and harsh sulphates, phosphates and parabens. Saving Water, Helping the Earth The eco-conscious plant-based formula we ve created is a quick-rinsing gel that cleans powerfully and consumes less water to do it. Born Good Dish wash Gel scrubs off grease and grime without forming a sticky film on utensils, rinsing off using minimal amounts of water. Unlike traditional dish wash gels that contain toxic chemicals and are harmful to the environment, Born Good Dish wash Gel has no toxic chemicals and is safe for the environment.

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