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Born Good Plant-based Gadget Cleaner & Disinfectant Kit

Born Good Plant-based Gadget Cleaner & Disinfectant Kit

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Born Good's plant-based Gadget Cleaner & Disinfectant is formulated with sugarcane and coconut based surfactants that clean dust, dirt, sweat and daily grime. It also contains neem & tulsi extracts that work to disinfect your gadgets by eliminating bacteria and germs. This product is safe for all sensitive electronics such as keyboards and screens, including TVs, laptops, smartphones, cameras, printers, smart watches, tablets and e-readers. The gadget cleaner is portable and excellent for travel or to take to work. It contains alcohol which helps with disinfection and also ensures there is no water residue left behind. There are no synthetic solvents, no EDTA, no phthalates and no ammonia in our gadget cleaner. USDA Certified It is also a USDA Certified BioBased product with a score of 99%, showing higher biodegradability as compared to ordinary gadget cleaners. What's Inside: The kit variant comes with a washable microfiber cloth and soft bristle brush to help you better clean your gadgets. How to use: Spray on the gadget screen / casing when the gadget is switched off. Using our anti static micro fiber cloth, scrub away the stains. DO NOT spray on exposed electronic circuitry.

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