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Born Good Plant-based Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate 50ml x 2 (Makes 1 L)

Born Good Plant-based Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate 50ml x 2 (Makes 1 L)

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Concentrated Formulation Unlike traditional all purpose cleaners that are made up of 80% water, our concentrated glass and multi-surface cleaner is made using only 40% water. This product saves over 40% water as compared to traditional glass cleaners. As there is less transport of water, the carbon footprint is lower. It also saves space at home and reduces the frequency of shopping. The biodegradable plant-based ingredients that are derived from coconut and sugarcane and do not harm our water bodies. Where to use See immediate results when you clean your glass surfaces, metal surfaces, tabletops, countertops, mirrors, fridges, ovens, kitchen cabinets, furniture, car windows, microwaves, gas stoves, chimney, walls, bathroom counters, knobs, wash basins, tables, etc. Just spray and wipe with a soft cloth or newspaper. Our formulation contains neem and tulsi extracts that kill 99.99% of harmful and odour-causing bacteria. The powerful coconut and sugarcane extracts remove dirt and dust more easily and leave your surfaces shiny and with zero residue. Zero toxins This glass cleaner spray contains no synthetic solvents, no Ammonia and no EDTA. It is made using only natural & hypoallergenic ingredients that are baby safe, pet safe and safe for sensitive skin. Be worry free when your kids and pets run or lounge at home. Ocean Breeze Fragrance The natural scent of citrus fruits and fresh bergamot make your home smell clean and pleasant. Certified Goodness It is a USDA certified BioBased product with a score of 97% showing higher biodegradability as compared to ordinary glass cleaners. How to use Do not use this glass cleaner spray directly. Add 50 ml Glass Cleaner Concentrate to 450ml drinking water and voila, you now have 500 ml Glass & multi-surface cleaner.

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