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Mountain Bee Kombucha - The Original Booch (Pack of 6)

Mountain Bee Kombucha - The Original Booch (Pack of 6)

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Made with the champagne of teas, Darjeeling's finest small-batch Oolong tea and kombucha SCOBY. Fermented between 3-5 weeks for optimal flavor development.

The Original Booch kombucha is made with Champagne of teas, Darjeeling's finest Oolong tea. Our kombucha is brewed in small batches, and bottled raw without any artificial flavours, colours or additives..

Taste India's choicest teas in a brand new avatar. Long-leaf organic orthodox teas are steeped to perfection and then put in fermenting vessels, one cooled down a special Kombucha culture is introduced to kickstart the fermentation process. With Mother Nature's magic and science, the yeasts and bacteria in the culture feed on the nutrient provided by the sweet tea and release beneficial organic acids, enzymes, B-Vitamins, and anti-oxidants transforming the tea into Kombucha. Tickle your palate with the tanginess and sweet finish that Kombucha is known for. Savour a complex flavour rendered by fermentation of high-quality teas.

Special Instructions

Storage and serving - Keep refrigerated, serve chilled or at ambient temperature. Consume within 7 days of opening the bottle.

Can be consumed any time of the day, before, during or after a meal.

All our kombucha flavours are unpasteurised and unfiltered. May grow visible scoby-culture strands as a result of continuous fermentation. Safe to consume.

Serving suggestion: For new kombucha drinker we suggest you to begin with a smaller doze of 100ml-120 ml and observe how the body responds to raw fermented foods like Kombucha. Increase the amount when you feel comfortable.

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