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PHL IMOVE Capsules (5 x 6 Capsules)

PHL IMOVE Capsules (5 x 6 Capsules)

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Complete joint care formula - To reduce joint inflammation, swelling, joint stiffness, cartilage wear & tear. Provides relief from arthritis pain & improves joint mobility. IMOVE is a herbal supplement containing renowned, effective and trusted pain management ingredients like Ginger & Turmeric. It also contains Glucosamine & Chondroitin for repairing and lubricating the joints, thus providing complete joint care. A Healthy Joint - Cartilage acts as a padding between two joints and prevents painful rubbing of bones against each other. Are you very scared, every time you bend your knee while walking up the stairs, squatting or pushing up? Is your job getting harder and harder to perform because the pain around the knee, finger and elbows doesn't allow you to do certain things that your job requires. Is your answer to your problems if you can relate to any one of these painful situations. Musculoskeletal conditions which encompass a spectrum of conditions, from those of acute onset and short duration to lifelong disorders, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and low back pain are a major burden on individuals and they significantly affect the psychosocial status of affected people as well as their families and careers. Provides complete joint care with not only building connective tissue, but also reduces swelling and inflammation.

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