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PHL X-Hangover Tablets (6 Tablets)

PHL X-Hangover Tablets (6 Tablets)

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The carefully selected ingredient, Pueraria Lobata from Japan & China, produces enzymes required for metabolic degradation of alcohol and it s byproducts. Silybum marianum indigenous to Europe and Asia, stimulates DNA and RNA synthesis, resulting in activation of the regenerative capacity of the liver through cell division & development. It s hepato protective activity have been postulated to involve blockade of toxins uptake and neutralizes toxicity. Menthax piperita checks dyspepsia and headaches, smoothens digestion and relaxes the muscles. Salix alba prevents insomnia and lowers prostaglandins to control headache, pain and inflammation. - Carotene acts as powerful antioxidant and boosts body immune system.

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