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SandPuppy - Fitbelt plus

SandPuppy - Fitbelt plus

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SandPuppy Fitbelt PLUS provides rejuvenating heat and vibration to the back. It provides deep penetrating heat, which warms the affected area and softens the surrounding muscle and tissue allowing the body to relax and rest deeply. The micro-vibration feature helps the body by improving blood circulation and reducing pain and fatigue. The combination of heat and vibration is extremely relaxing after a long stressful day. SandPuppy Fitbelt PLUS is wireless and can be used anywhere. The SandPuppy mobile app allows you to change the heat and vibration levels on the belt. It can be worn under a shirt or dress quite easily and controlled from the phone directly. Its slim design allows it to be rolled up and carried in a laptop or a handbag. Fitbelt PLUS uses a modern heating fabric (not metal filaments) to generate heat. This allows a much broader heating surface area and unlike conventional heaters. It emits Far Infrared Heat that penetrates up to 5 cm deep into the body, making it far superior to other heating solutions. Who is SandPuppy Fitbelt designed for? [use bullets] Busy professionals working long stressful hours days in a sitting or standing position. Frequent travellers: who travel by air and experience deep discomfort from cramped seating and exhausting schedules. Active exercisers who experience back muscle soreness from activities like weight training, endurance training, or sports. Home-makers who spend long hours caring for the home and family.

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