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SandPuppy - Nyx

SandPuppy - Nyx

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SandPuppy Nyx an electric heating pad for relief from neck and shoulder pain. Neck and shoulder pain arise most commonly in the workplace and during frequent travel, due to incorrect posture, mental stress, and fatigue. It is among the most difficult types of pain to treat with heat therapy. Most heating pads for the neck just tend to slip off or require the person to be immobile. For senior citizens, chronic neck pain is a daily reality and they find it especially tough to try heat therapy. For working professionals, neck pain is a symptom of extreme stress and mental fatigue. SandPuppy Nyx is a unique product that can be worn like a vest, this ensures the product does not slip and ensures maximum heat coverage area which improves effectiveness. Due to its Far Infrared Radiation (FIR), the heat from Nyx tends to reach deeper into the muscle area, which relaxes the muscles, allows better healing due to more oxygenated blood reaching the affected area, leading to longer relief. Simple to use. Ideal for age-related chronic pains. Improves blood circulation and relaxes muscle pain. Deep heat due to SandPuppy heating element with controllable switch for comfort heat. Power: 12w DC power supply for safety. 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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